Welcome Message – ICEO&SI 2020 Chairman

Dear Conference Attendees, Exhibitors and Guests,

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Taoyuan, Taiwan and the 10th International Conference on Earth Observation and Social Impacts (ICEO&SI). This is the 2nd time the ICEO&SI has come to National Central University and my first time to be honored with the exhilarating position of conference chair. This ICEO&SI 2020 is jointly held with IAG’s 5th symposium and sponsored by the Taiwanese National Academic of Marine Research, Central Weather Bureau and Water Resources Agency. First of all, I want to thank all the sponsors and members of the local organizing committee as well as my colleagues at the Earth Sciences College, NCU who put in the long hours to make this event possible.

Humans have been studying the Earth and its changing environment by observing the atmosphere, oceans, land, ice, and snow, and their influence on climate and weather. We now realize that the key to gaining a better understanding of the global environment is exploring how the Earth's systems of air, land, water, and life interact with each other. By using various in-situ satellites to intensively study the Earth, we hope to expand our understanding of how natural processes affect us, and how we might be affecting them. This year, we organize sessions that cover the variety of earth systems with the hope to gather the people from different disciplinaries, know each other, exchange experiences and and more importantly, inspire innovative ideas.

At the moment as we are arranging the conference, the epidemic of novel coronavirus is becoming more serious worldwide. Hopefully within a few months, the dispersion of this disease will be controlled and international interaction and collaboration could be fostered. On behalf of the conference organizers, we will keep monitor the development, aiming to provide secure and safe venue for the conference. I hope your participation in ICEO&SI 2020 is enjoyable and rewarding.


Hwa Chien

Conference Chair