※Public Transportation


Get to Taoyuan high speed rail station by Taoyuan Metro from Taoyuan Airport. Then transfer to the city bus 132 or 172 heading for NCU.

Taiwan Railways Administration

Get off at Zhongli Train Station. Take a city bus or a taxi (approx. NT$250) to NCU within 20~30 minutes.

Taiwan High Speed Rail

Get off at THSR Taoyuan Station. Take direct bus No. 132 or No. 172 at Bus Platform 8 to reach NCU (approx. one per hour, a 15- to 20-minute ride). You may also take other buses heading for Zhongli City, where a connection is needed.

City buses No. 132 and No. 172 operate between Zhongli City and NCU, with an extended line to THSR Taoyuan Station at certain hours.

Buses depart from THSR Taoyuan Station to downtown Zhongli: No. 170, 171, 5089. Fare: NT$26.

Driving directions: Start from Gaotie South Road to use Provincial Highway No. 31, turn left when reaching Jhongjheng Rd., and in a few minutes, turn right to Zhongda Road.

Intercity Bus

In Zhongli, there are two main intercity (freeway) bus stops, with service centers of each bus company locating nearby. Please check routes and timetables according to the city of your departure/destination before traveling.

Since June 23, 2014, Highway Bus 9025 at specific times operates between Taipei (Songshan Airport) and NCU. Fare: NT$75.

※Traveling by Air

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Several ways to reach NCU from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport:

-Freeway Bus No. 5089: After a 40-minute ride to Jhongli Train Station, take a city bus to reach campus. Fare: NT$67.

Shuttle Bus (Ubus) No. 705: Take this shuttle bus to get off at THSR Taoyuan Station; for the following connections, please refer to Public Transportation-THSR. Fare: NT$30.

-Taxi Service at Airport: Fare to NCU: approx. NT$800~1000.

-Driving a car: To Zhongli, take the Taoyuan Inner Circle to go on Freeway No. 1, and then exit at Zhongli Interchange (62 km). Follow the direction sign to Xinwu, make a right turn on Sanmin Rd, turn left on Jhongjheng Rd., and within 3 minutes you will reach Zhongda Rd. to the main gate. See GPS location.

Taipei Songshan Airport

From Taipei Songshan Airport to NCU:

-Freeway Bus No. 9025: The freeway bus heading to Zhongli departs at Bus Platform 3. A transfer of city bus to reach NCU is needed.

Since June 23, 2014, Freeway Bus No. 9025 at specific times operates between Taipei (Songshan Airport) and NCU.

-Other Public Transportation: Take Taipei MRT from Songshan Airport Metro Station to Taipei Main Station, where you can take trains, THSR, or intercity buses to reach Jhongli. See Public Transportation and City Bus for more details.